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Esd Audit - InnospectraGermandent - clinica dentara de lux - implant dentAutism educational project - cursuri ABATennis zone
Esd Audit - Innospectra



Esd Audit - Innospectra

Innospectra company offers a broad range of innovative ideas and products like Air guns, Static control, Room Ionizer, Autoclave, Battery storage safety cabinet, ESD testing services, Cleanroom testing, AMC analyzer, ESD audit etc. for medical, disk drive, electronic and all workplaces environment safe in Singapore.

Innospectra was incorporated in Dec 2016 and aims to provide innovative and comprehensive static control, contamination control, Airborne Molecular Contamination control & Controlled Environment testing solutions to the niche markets sectors like semiconductor, medical, life sciences, disk drive, general electronics, hospitals, and various research institutions .

With over 30yrs of experience in static & contamination control, the founding members are well positioned to lend their experience and expertise to solving customers issues based on a broad range of innovative solutions in the respective field of controlled environmental solutions in the South East Asian (SEA) region .

As part of our related diversification, Innospectra has since ventured into offering indoor air quality monitors and instruments as well as Scientific / Analytical Equipment & Labware like autoclaves, centrifuges & lab equipment for applications within the Medical / Life Sciences sectors including Hospitals.

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Data inscrierii: 2024-02-15
Numar de afisari: 509
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Pagina Web: https://innospectra.com.sg

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